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The top five things I really dislike about dating

Okay as a professional hired companion who works for Charlotte Notting Hill escorts you can imagine I go on millions and millions of dates. Which are to the timer absolutely love them I have many regulars at London escort and we generally have the best time together on every single one of our dates.


Where it seems to get a bit tricky in the dating scene is when you start date somebody new. Whenever I get a new person booking me at Charlotte Notting Hill escorts I always try to do as much research as I can on that person and have quite lengthy conversations over the phone before I attend the booking.


My number one top grievance about dating is having a date with a really bad attitude. Sometimes at Charlotte Notting Hill escorts we get dates who have the worst attitude and who can be quite rude and disrespectful. It makes you wonder why do they even bother pay money to be in someone else’s company before they would to do who’s being rude and obnoxious.


My number to grievance with dating is 100% around the subject of hygiene. Traditionally when you are going to go on a date you want to make the best impression so you will be on your best clothes make sure you have a good wash wash your hair trim your nails do you all those things to make yourself look and feel presentable and worthy of a first date to make the best impression. What London S what’s my finding these days is that people aren’t even bothered to even have a shower before booking one of us from the agency so when we arrive there badly odour is totally unbearable. This particular frustrates us girls at Charlotte Notting Hill escorts as we take a lot of time and effort into making ourselves look and smell presentable for our clients.


I think the third thing I really dislike about dating is when you get paired with someone who you have no interests with or who are completely and utterly boring. It doesn’t happen often but I’ve been on a few dates in London escort where my clients actually have said no more than hello what would you like to order would you like some wine and goodbye to me there’s have been some of the most awkward dates I’ve ever been on.


My fourth Issue with dating is that you often get some very immature clients who believe that because they have hired you that you can literally do anything that they ask they treat you more like a slave than a date which to me is totally wrong and unacceptable.


My last issue with dating is the unnecessary pressure that everyone who is participating in that date is put under to make it social media worthy. As long as two people are having fun and enjoying each other’s company and whatever activity they are participating in I don’t see why it has to be anything flashy or so colourful that if you were to take a picture and put it on social media you get 1 million likes for it. You don’t go on a date just take a picture and get likes from 1 million strangers without even really engaging with the person you’ve gone on a date with.


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